Incidents that require an investigation are never a laughing matter. All parties involved, including others in the workplace, transition through states of anxiety, confusion, concern and uncertainty. These feelings are significantly increased in situations wherein an organization appoints untrained, inexperienced and bias investigators. These are some of the reasons why legal professionals always recommend using external organizations that specialize in workplace investigations. HRMATTERS! is such an organization. 

When we are approached by a client who is in need of advice on how to conduct a thorough investigation, HRMATTERS! will support and provide our recommendations regarding the most equitable course of action to take. We help with the development of the process including what questions to ask and which ones to avoid, witness statements and the completion of the final report. We also help our clients respond to questions from other employees and the workplace temperature.  

In the event that an organization does not have trained, experienced and impartial investigators, we have the experienced professionals to conduct the investigation for them. 

​Rest easy knowing that all HRMATTERS! HR professionals are professionally trained and apply best practices in workplace investigations to ensure a fair process. Our investigations and reports are thorough, and result in recommendations that employers can rely upon with confidence when they are making their final decision.


Do you know the cost of ignoring employee complaints?

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