Do you know the true cost of hiring the wrong person?


This service is only available through our subscription and weekly contract services. HRMATTERS! will design, and post a client's job ad on our JOB BOARD page and on sites of their choosing. We will also provide site recommendations that we have had success with in the past.  A member of our HR team will monitor, renew, update, collect and review incoming resumes or applications and send the most qualified candidates forward. This service alone saves our clients approximately five hours a week in their recruitment efforts. 

Our Recruitment Process 

Recruitment is often undertaken in-house by owners, managers, human resource generalists and/or recruitment specialists. Alternatively, parts of the process may be undertaken by either public sector employment agencies, or specialist search consultancies in the absence of qualified HR professionals or recruitment specialists, or in the event that a small/medium sized business owner does not have the time to engage in active recruitment strategies. On the front lines, the recruitment process is broken down into the following steps:

​1.   Review of the job description
2.   Creation of an attractive job ad
3.   Target demographics 
       (including skills, knowledge, abilities, experience and education) 
4.   Assess the most effective way to reach the targeted demographics
      (flyers, posters, job fairs, news papers, online job ad sites etc…) 
5.   Start the attraction process by executing the most effective method of advertising
6.   Receive and review resumes 
7.   Create a minimum of two categories of applicants 
      (most qualified to qualified)
8.   Schedule interviews 
9.   Conduct interviews  
10. Review interviews and select the top 5 applicants
11. Conduct reference and background checks  
12. Select candidate
13. New hire orientation 
14. New Employee Suitability Assessments