HRMATTERS! established in 2010, is an HR Management Consulting firm that provides hands on, face to face HR services to non-unionized, small and medium sized businesses in Manitoba.

​​HRMATTERS! services aid in maximizing the next generation's performance by implementing modern day HR strategies that create a highly motivated work environment and enhance your employees’ overall experience. 

​However, we know that creating such an environment isn’t always easy, so our well trained and experienced HR team is there for you to ensure that your organization is in compliance with all legislative requirements as it pertains to day to day operations and employee relations concerns. We help organizations accomplish this by providing on-site support, representation and workplace investigations in the event that an organization needs to part ways with a member of their team, or receives an Employment Standards, Human Rights and/or Workplace Safety and Health related complaint.

Among many other qualities that make HRMATTERS! different from the rest, we do not just provide you with the information your organization will need to respond to an ever changing work environment; we are there with you every step of the way. From understanding the interpretation of each code, act or regulation, and how it affects your organization, to representing your organization as its HR department.



HRMATTERS! primary mission is to provide affordable, next generation HR services to non-unionized, small and medium sized businesses in Manitoba. However, in today's ever changing work environments our secondary mission is to provide advice and representation to community members who have been mistreated in their workplace.